Timber Auction

Timber Auction

130 +/- acres are original pristine hardwood and pine mix timber unbelievable size and quality logs
  •   Sep 1 @ 4:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Nov 17 @ 2:00pm CST (End)
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Timber Auction 

 Online Only Bidding 


130+/- Acres of mixed natural hardwood and pine growth. There are an estimated 9,994 Tons of product on this tract.  

The timber is all that is currently being offered

A timber cruise has been completed.  Please see document tab for the Timber Information Package. 

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Bidding Ends November 17, 2021 

@ 2:00 PM CST 


No Buyers Premium 


Ron Young, Auctioneer, AL#5390 GA#4397 



Tallapoosa River Forest Products Fruithurst Tract Timber Auction

County Road 33 Fruithurst, Cleburne County, AL 

Online Bidding at SouthernAuctionSolutions.com or our mobile app

Timed Auction/Bidding Ends 

November  17th at 2 PM CST

General Information 


Southern Auction Solutions has been contracted to offer this tract of timber for auction through an online/mobile bidding process. This stand of timber offers a convenient ingress and egress and possible winter cutting advantages.  NO trees are flagged for non-removal.


Terms and Conditions

(You must accept the Terms and Conditions online or through our mobile app prior to being approved to bid)

  1. After the close of the timed auction the successful winning Purchaser/Bidder shall have 14 days to close the transaction. 
  2. Rice, Rice and Yates Attorneys at Law , will be preforming the closing and providing the Title Abstract, Title Insurance, and Timber Deed. The cost of these items will be paid for by the Purchaser.
  3. The winning Purchaser/Bidder may have 18 months to complete the timber harvest. Any timber not harvested by May 17, 2023, at 5 Pm CSTshall be the property of the land owner and the purchaser’s right shall termite automatically.  Purchaser/Bidder will notify the Seller at least seven (7) days before logging is to begin.  
  4. The successful Purchaser/Bidder shall indemnify and protect the Seller and protect the Seller against any loss of liability or expense incurred on account of personal injury or property damage or claim thereof arising out of or relating to the Purchasers’ selling and logging operations. For the purposes of this contract the relation of the Purchaser/Bidder to the Seller is and shall be entirely that of an Independent Contractor. 
  5. Purchaser/Bidder shall be liable and responsible for any sub-contractor/logger he may employ, contract, or hire to conduct the actual harvest operation. 
  6. All improvements such as fences must be kept in repair. Purchaser/Bidder agrees to remove all tops and logging debris from all roads, fields, pastures, streams and other open areas. Trash to include: cans, motor or hydraulic fluids, containers will be hauled away from the cutting operation and disposed of property. To minimize soil erosion in the sale area, and sediment loading of water flowing through the sale area, the Purchaser/Bidder to conduct all harvesting operations in accordance with Alabama’s “Best Management Practices”, as published by the Alabama Improvement and Alabama Forestry Commission. Any roads present or made during the logging operation will be left in a condition where a two-wheel drive vehicle will be able to travel them when the harvest operation is completed. All ingress and egress shall be from the access road across High Pine, LLC on County Road 33, Cleburne County, Alabama. 
  7. Purchaser/Bidder and his logger agree to abide and comply with all areas of the any Logging Ordinances or rules and regulations of Cleburne County, Al. In the event a problem arises, the logger will not hold the Seller responsible for any fines and/or time limitations. 
  8. Purchaser/Bidder agrees that in the event it or its agents or employees shall damage such fences, roads, outbuildings, or other improvements, that it shall reasonably compensate the Seller therefore, or repair same at the election of the Seller. 
  9. Purchaser/Bidder shall pay all severance taxes and all other taxes, licenses, and excises required by law to be paid on account of timber felling and logging operations hereunder. 
  10. The Seller shall warrant and defend their title and right to sell this timber and shall protect the right of the Purchaser/Bidder to cut and remove the said conveyed trees against any claims of others whatever. 
  11. Seller does not, in anyway, represent, warrant, or guarantee that there is any specific volume of timber on the land, The Timber is to be sold “As Is” “Where Is”
  12. The Seller shall not be responsible for any acts of GOD or other natural disasters, or acts of man such as storms, or fire.  Purchaser/Bidder shall own the timber at their own risk until the harvest operation is complete or the contract expires, May 17, 2023, at 5 Pm CST
  13. The Purchaser/Bidder agrees to harvest the timber in a good and workmanlike manner so as to avoid any unnecessary damage to the property and shall be extremely careful with the use of fire on the property.
  14. In case of dispute over the terms and conditions of this contract, we agree to accept the decision of an arbitration board as final. The board shall be composed of a representative appointed by the Purchaser/Bidder, a person appointed by the Seller, and a third to selected by the two representatives. 
  15. To assure the performance of the above Terms and Conditions the Purchaser/Bidder will be required to make a $1,000.00 cash performance bond (due at closing) to be held in Southern Auction Solutions Trust account. 
  16. Commission – the Seller will be paying the sales commission NO BUYERS PREMIUM.
  17. Please review the Timber Contract which is required for you to approve prior to bidding. The Timber Contract is located in the documents section on the bidding platform or available to you upon request. Not requesting the Timber Contract is in no way a reason to void your bid. 
  18. Seller does reserve the right to reject any or all bids. 
  19. Auctioneer shall settle any conflict. The Auctioneer’s decision is final.
  20. The Seller may consider other bids/Bidders in the event of non-performance of the winning Bidder.  
  21. The Auctioneer may revoke any bidder’s privilege to bid at any time. 


Bid Process


This auction is a timed online and mobile bidding auction. 


  1. You must register online at SouthernAuctionSolutions.com and be approved to bid prior to bidding. If you have issues with technology or issue registering, please contact Rita Young 334-646-9627 for assistance in registering and completing your bid. 
  2. Our mobile bidding app. – You may download our mobile bidding app from Google Play or Apple App store. Search for Southern Auction Solutions or visit SouthernAuctionSolutions.com/buyer/mobile app.
  3. Maximum bid- You may choose to enter a maximum bid. If you choose to do so no one can see what your maximum bid is. In the event you are out bid the system will send you an alert through text message notification and or email. (according to how you set up your side of the system).
  4. Auto Extend Feature – Our system offers an auto extend feature. If someone bids in the last 2 minutes of the auction the system will reset the clock to two minutes. This will continue until there are no bids for a full two minutes. The Timed Auction will start closing/ending on November 17, 2021, at 2 Pm CST. Start closing/ending means there is a two-minute Auto Extend Feature.



Frequently Ask Questions:

Can I see the other bids as they come in? 

            Yes, you may see each bid and the bidding history for the tract.  You cannot see the Bidders name. 


Can anyone else see my bid?

            Yes, everyone registered can see your bid. No one outside our staff can see who placed the bid. 


Will my name remain confidential? 

            Yes, we will maintain confidentiality for the Bidder/Purchaser. 


When should I register for an online auction?
            We recommend that you register as soon as possible. This allows you to become familiar with the online process and makes things easier when the auction opens.

Am I obligated to bid once I register?
            You are under no obligation to bid once you register. Registering for the auction gives you the option to bid, but nothing else.

How does this process work? 

            You may visit SoutherAuctionSolutions.com click Buyer tab at the top of the page. Then click the links on the right side of the page inside the Buyer page to learn more.  Feel free to give us a call and we will happy to walk you through the entire process. 


How is the Timed Auction Process different from the Sealed Bid Auction process? 

            With a timed auctioned - the bidders are allowed to see each bid as it comes in real time. The bidder has the opportunity to counter bid if he is out bid. The system will send notifications once the high bidder is out bid and give the beaten bidder an opportunity to bid again. This will continue until all bids are taken and no one bids for a full two minutes once the timed auction has started closing. 

            In a Sealed Bid Process – The Bidder has no idea what the other bidders are bidding, how many bidders there are, and is normally used for non-auctioneers and/or small groups of bidders. You the bidder have only one shot to win the bidding process. 


What if I want to hand deliver or mail my bid in? 

            You are certainly welcome to handle bidding that way. However; we cannot contact you in the event you are out bid. Your bid will be considered an absentee bid. This bid will be treated as a maximum bid except you will not be notified if you have been out bid. 


How does a maximum bid work?

            If you enter a max bid into the system/platform – The system will keep you the high bidder until the bids reach and pass your max bid. At that point you will be notified you have been out bid. You can then enter the platform and increase your max bid or allow the person that out bid you to win the bidding.