Why The Auction Method?

Why the Auction Method?

The Auction Method / Accelerated Marketing Strategy isn't for every asset or seller; however, it is in most cases the best method to achieve the highest dollar for your property in today's market. While being in real estate for many years, I have seen the good and bad times. In order to assess the true value of any item, we must look at the type of market that we are in today.

Here's why the PROPERLY ADVERTISED AUCTION is the best option. Once the auction has been advertised extensively for at least 3-4 weeks, everyone with interest in the property, or item from all around the region (and in some cases, the world), has knowledge this asset is going to be sold on our chosen date and time. This creates urgency and competition within interested buyers due to the deadline this opportunity contains.

Once potential buyers have completed their due diligence (hence the 3-4 week’s time frame), they are ready to fight for your property in a one-day SHOWDOWN to see who will win the bidding and own your property.

This showdown (auction) forces neighbors, friends, strangers, and the world into competition to own your property. The atmosphere is contagious, and no one likes to lose. This savvy method drives the price up and at the end delivers the true meaning of value. Your property will bring exactly what it is worth the day of our auction. Using our properly advertised auction allows sellers to receive a true proof of value for their property. In addition, the seller will not have to wait for an offer that might be considered a low-ball offer. We grasp the buyer's attention with the deadline (Auction Day) and push them to our auction.

Some may question if their property will sell for too cheap, but the local investors will not stand by and allow that. They will become engaged and drive up the end user to pay the true value. Our Auctions = True value -which is top dollar! With the Auction method you create a market for your property.

Exposure is enormous compared to traditional methods. Many more people are exposed to the property during the "Auction Promotion/Market Campaign." It is a concentrated, intense experience and can be compared to...

..shooting off fireworks or turning on a light bulb!

Accelerated Marketing Strategy!