The Company

Mission Statement: Solving Complex Problems by offering professional solutions.
Vision: To Conduct honest, innovative, and respectable selling and buying experiences.
Core Values: Innovation, Integrity, Accountability, Effort, and Passion.

Services We Offer

We are more than just an Auction Company

  • Auctions
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Personal Property Appraisals
  • Estate Consultations
  • Business Liquidation Consultations
  • Real Estate Value Consultations

Southern Auction Solutions is an auction company with cutting edge marketing tools. We use all of the latest technology to assist buyers in everything from covenant mobile bidding to quick checkouts. We use all of the latest technologies for marketing including social media, online advertisements, drone videos, You Tube, and Email-blast. We are a leader in our area, innovating our state-of-the-art marketing plans. These marketing plans allow us to advertise your assets more effectively and efficiently to a larger bidder pool for less money.

We make bidding at our auctions fun and exciting. Bringing in more money for our clients. Auction is the only sales method which can actually achieve more than asking price by obtaining the true market value for your property. Auctions should be considered as the “first” resort, not the “last” method of marketing your assets. “The whole goal is to get as many buyers competing as possible. The more buyers, the more competition, the higher the price. The key to marketing is to be able to adapt to technology. It is constantly evolving and to stay relevant, you have to change with it.

Let us talk to you about turning your assets into cash today! We want to be your auction company.


Types of Auctions We Offer

We Offer

  • Online
    • Our bidders can bid from anywhere in the world. Our online bidding platform offers a mobile app with tons of features that are user-friendly and convenient for the bidder. We also allow bidders to bid through our user-friendly website.
  • Live on site
    • Our live auction day includes some of the best bid assistants and support staff in the Southeast.
  • Simulcast auctions Combination of both

Our auctions are professionally managed. Every detail is considered throughout the logistical process. Our auctions are just hassle free. 


Assets we specialize in

As a full-service auction company we can offer guidance in almost any asset class or type. If we aren’t familiar something specific, we have a huge network of auctioneers across the country to partner with in order to make sure your asset is properly managed. Here are few assets we specialize in.

  • Real Estate Auctions
    • We have over 16 years of real estate sales experience ready to go to work to obtain top dollar for your property.
  • Court Ordered Auctions
    • We have a great tract record with the courts and attorneys handling the delicate matters required through this legal process.
  • Business liquidations
    • We have countless business owners step out of their business for many reasons.
  • Timber Auctions
    • Cutting edge way to generate the highest possible price for your timber and maintain the best value for the property after the harvest.
  • Estate liquidations
    • We have years of experience dealing with the family and the estate.
  • Equipment Auctions
    • Biannual equipment auctioning live and online bidding in the Spring and Fall
  • Farms Auctions
    • We can handle any size farm auction from the small farm to the multi-million dollar farm.
  • Personal Property Auctions
    • Offering online bidding for your assets.