Rebecca Smith

Our family is so thankful we chose to do business with Ron Young at Southern Auction Solutions. He sold a piece of land my sister and I inherited, along with a mortgage, and we had foreclosure looming over our heads. A very sincere thanks to Ron for helping our family avoid losing everything my dad had worked for all his life.

Kiki Scalise

Ron was extremely professional, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the area real estate market.  He was easily accessible and available to answer questions and help with planning.  I would gladly work with him again in the future.

Freddie Senn

I was made executor over my Aunt's estate. She willed all of her possessions to be donated to charity. We hired Ron to auction her personal property. They did an excellent job inventoring and selling those items for top dollar through an online only auction. The final statements provided were exactly what we needed to submit to the court. Southern Auction Solutions could not have made this any easier. They handled everything.

Rob Hill

After retiring we wanted to reduce our debt load, so we contacted Ron about selling some acreage with a mortgage. Within 60 days they promoted a professional Auction. We paid off our mortgage and had cash in our pockets fast!

Beth Holt

Ron's diligent efforts enabled us to stay organized and focused as we prepared for the auction. He paid attention to every detail and the follow-up after the auction was as impressive as the initial work he performed. We will not hesitate to use his services and "solutions" again!

John Deason

After retiring from my construction business, I hired Ron to liquidate my tools and equipment. They did an excellent job marketing our auction. Their crew was extremely professional. Highly recommend this company.

Re Holiday

We were closing a non-profit and we contacted Ron to liquidate the assets and provide detailed inventory in settlement statements. He did a fabulous job on the auction and especially service after the sale. Strongly recommend.