Interested in Selling?

Interested in Selling? 

Southern Auction Solutions’ staff is well versed in all aspects of the auction and real estate business. We have the most cutting-edge technology available. Please take a moment to review our testimonial page and see how our past clients feel about our professionally managed auctions. If you would like to turn your assets into cash, we would like to speak with you today! If you are looking for upcoming auctions – Great! We love helping our buyers. Let us know if you have any questions.

Description of Asset(s) 

Please give us a brief description of your real estate or personal property assets. Include deadlines and any specifics that will assist us in reviewing your needs.

Seller's Contact Info

Please include your mobile number so we can reach out to you and discuss your project, and any information you submit to us is confidential and will not be disclosed to outside parties.

If you have any photos of the asset(s), please forward them to us for review.